Ty & Maggie . Indianapolis Wedding at the Normandy Barn

March 29, 2013

Maggie and Ty are married…and boy, was their wedding party adorable! After getting officially married, Maggie and Ty decided they just wanted to throw a big, fun party for their friends and family! Once they finished decorating the Indianapolis Fairgrounds Normandy Barn with beautiful handmade pinwheels and embellishments….and filled it with a ton of homemade baked goods, we adventured around the fairgrounds for some fun group photos. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, laughing and eating amazing food! I loved the fact that Maggie and her family and friends made everything. It was so special and unique to the two of them!

Congratulations you two! 🙂

GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_1 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_2 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_3 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_4 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_5 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_6 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_7 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_8 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_9 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_10 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_TyandMaggieWedding_11

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