Indianapolis Benefit at the Conrad Hotel: Timmy Global Health

March 12, 2013

Timmy AGAIN you say!? Yep! Last weekend, I had the honor to photograph at my favorite non-profit’s 10 annual benefit dinner! Over the last 16 years of being an avid Timmy volunteer and enthousiast, I have watched it grow from about 10 people to a widely known, national/international organization. While at this years benefit at the amazing Conrad hotel, I couldn’t help but remember our more meager days when we used to have a few tables of small auction items and a spaghetti and breadstick dinner in Park Tudor’s cafeteria. (Not that that wasn’t great too!) 🙂
The past few years have been so fantastic for Timmy…but I have to say, this one really takes the cake! Just recently, Timmy was named “Champion of Health” at the American Giving Awards on national TV. Even beyond providing fantastic publicity and funding for Timmy, this award means so much for its incredibly hardworking volunteers. The amount of hours that people of ALL ages pour selflessly into this organization never ceases to amaze me…This dedication and passion is why Timmy is such an incredible organization and why it is not only getting attention, but really deserves it. This moment, when Timmy’s name was announced and Matt MacGregor and Chuck Dietzen accepted the award on the organization’s behalf, is something that I will never forget.
To celebrate such an exciting time for Timmy, we decided to theme our 10th annual benefit dinner around being named “Champions of Health.” Thanks to Jose and Sons Ice Sculptors, we even had a giant ice replica of the American Giving Awards trophy! Apparently, we weren’t the only ones excited about Timmy’s momentum! This year, Timmy brought in over 100 auction items for 334 guests to raise a total of $102,000! Amazing…and so well deserved! I cannot thank everyone who participated in ANY way enough for supporting this organization. It means so much to me….and so many others!
A special thanks to: iSalus Healthcare, Wise Financial, Barnes & Thornburg, Tire Rack, National Bank of Indianapolis, Mike & Wendy Stephenson, Doehrman Chamberlain, Wilson Kehoe Winingham, and Kenney Orthopedics and to our beverage sponsors: Monarch, Zink Distributing, and American Harvest Organic Spirit!
To learn more about Timmy Global Health, please visit

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