Glen & Shelley- Bloomington Wedding at South Union Christian Church and The Irish Lion

March 22, 2012

I can truly say that I feel so fortunate to have shot this wedding. With all of the weddings that I have shot and attended as a guest, I have never seen such love and affection between two people as I did with Shelley and Glen. This was also a fun wedding for me to shoot, not only because Shelley is the mother of one of my friends, but also because I got to bring my friend and photo companion, Leah, along as my second shooter!

Going into the wedding, I knew the reception would be a difficult one to shoot being at one of Bloomington’s darker (but best!) restaurants, The Irish Lion. Instead of trying to photograph people while they were eating and conversing at the tables the entire time, we decided to bring along a photo booth to have a little fun with. We crammed the background and props into a very small space, and although not ideal, everyone seemed to have a blast with it…and I can definitely say that it made editing much more entertaining 🙂 *If you are planning a wedding anytime soon, do the right thing…have a photo booth!*  I can not thank Irish Lion enough for their help and patience while we took up a good amount of their prep space! I loved that place before, but now, they definitely have a few more gold stars in my book.

I hope only the best things for Shelley and Glen in married life! I can’t thank you two enough for sharing your love and special day with me!

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