Asa Monroe Adams

March 22, 2012

You might remember that, a few months ago, my friends, Mike and Jessica, were getting ready to have a baby. Their amazing baby boy, Asa, came into the world right before the new year on a bit bumpier path than expected. For the first month of his life, this little guy was living at Riley Hospital, undergoing surgeries to correct a heart defect that caused a transposition between the greater vessels. Thanks to some amazing medicine and even more incredible and supportive parents, Asa is doing so awesome now! These three have been through quite a bit in the last couple of months- I feel very lucky to know such strong and loving people.

Their Bloomington buds -also an incredibly strong and loving community- have come together to have a benefit show and auction in attempts to make the outrageous cost of medical bills a bit easier on Asa’s parents.

This family deserves the world! Please, check out the event and auction!

Facebook Event

Online Auction

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  1. I love this baby! He is so photogenic!

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