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This is the main body of your blog post. If we can give you once piece of advice, keep it brief.

The Glenns . Indianapolis Family Portrait at Holliday Park

October 9, 2014

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**See Demography in person at the General Public Collective through the month of April! We grow up reading and learning about iconic female characters from movies, fictional stories, and history books. Their stories and traits helped to form who we are as women and how we judge those around us. With age, however, it becomes […]


April 6, 2014

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Lately, I have been bit more surrounded by fashion than usual. My beautiful friend began modeling for Wilhelmina Models, I started assisting for an incredibly talented, local fashion photographer, Polina Osherov, and I was introduced to a new and exciting fashion-focused group in Indy called¬†Pattern. After spending a bit of time assisting Polina, I could […]

She Would Have it All- Pattern Editorial

June 28, 2012