April 6, 2014

**See Demography in person at the General Public Collective through the month of April!

We grow up reading and learning about iconic female characters from movies, fictional stories, and history books. Their stories and traits helped to form who we are as women and how we judge those around us. With age, however, it becomes more apparent that these characters whom we learned to love were only given to us in a very one-dimensional view. It was our own experience and knowledge that really built who they were in our imaginations. We look upon these “characters” every day, whether they are fictional or someone in our own lives. We have the choice to see them in this peripheral way that we’ve learned from our storybooks, judging only what we can see. We should, however, choose to look beyond, connect their stories with our own, and find who they truly are to us as an individual.

Photographer: Gabrielle Cheikh

Stylist: Savannah Norris & Gabrielle Cheikh

Makeup: Kathy Moberly & Kate Shaw . Faces by Kathy Moberly

Hair: Rudy Thien . MDG Salon

Flowers: Autumn Keller . Isibeal Studio

Jewelry: Erin Trimble


Annie Osherov . Independent

Christina Rodriguez . Independent

Claire Rosenbalm . Independent

Kayla Strother . Independent

Lily . LModelz

Murph Damron . Independent

Polina Osherov . Independent

Rachel Cain . Independent

Tania . LModelz

Tiffany . Independent

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Check out the beautiful behind the scenes trailer for Demography by the incredibly talented Bo Dietrick!





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