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January 2, 2018

Wow! We have been quiet over here buried in the most beautiful weddings and family sessions… but we are excited to finally take some time to share all of these with you! We are also SO excited to share more about OUR planning process while we tackle our very own wedding plans.

Although I may have jumped the gun on this part of the planning process, I have been searching high and low for some fun gifts for my Groom and his brothers. It is so hard to find unique and personalized gifts for men…am I right?! So during this process, this really neat company, Groovy Guy Gifts, sent us a couple of items for us to check out and review.

Groovy Guy Gifts was started by two brothers who had a love for out-gifting each other. As someone who loves to find unique and super personal gifts, I completely related to their story and after browsing their products, I was definitely intrigued.

Groovy Guys sent us a custom wooden box and flask to check out. I love the box as a fun way of presenting gifts. The interior is lined with velvet making it feel a bit more substantial than a lot of other boxes we have looked at. The flask was also the perfect size and quality. I loved the products in terms of style and quality, however, as someone who pays close attention to design, I would definitely like more options in terms of fonts, design, etc. For one line names or dates, both of these products are really fun.

Groovy Guy Gifts has even more fun products on their site that I think would be perfect gifts for Grooms and Groomsmen. Some of my favorites include their Alpha Apron, Growler in a Bag, and their Cooler Combo. (*this based on only seeing them on their site) They are definitely worth checking out in your search for the perfect gift!

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