The Ackerman’s . Indianapolis Bat Mitzvah at IHC & Woodland Country Club

October 14, 2013

This family knows how to throw a party!!

Last month, I had the privilege of photographing Autumn’s Bat Mitzvah. I always love working with and photographing young people during important times in their lives whether its a Bat Mitzvah, a special birthday or accomplishment, or  even during their senior year of high school. There is an excitement that they exude that is really hard to find anywhere else! I especially love parties like this with lots of dancing and music…I have to admit, there is nothing more satisfying that being behind my camera and doing a little shoulder shimmy while music from my childhood/early adulthood blasts! (I love pop music and I am NOT afraid to say it!)

Congratulations Ackerman family! Thank you for letting me capture such a special and FUN day for your family and friends!

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