Gagnier Siblings . Indianapolis Family Portrait at Butler University

May 14, 2013

This mother’s day weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph these two as a gift for their parents. This is the second session that I have done like this and, although I may be biased, I think this is such a fantastic gift idea for parents, especially from “kids” in their 20-somethings! It also helps that these sessions are always a blast to photograph!

GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_1 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_2 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_3 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_4 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_5 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_7 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_8 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_9 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_10 GabrielleCheikhPhotography_Gagnier_11

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