Reg . Indianapolis Portrait

April 17, 2013

I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely lady around her home a few months back! Not many people do individual portraits after their senior portraits anymore, so doing this shoot was extremely refreshing for me! Reg wanted to revitalize her online presence with some professionally photographed, thoughtful portraits of herself. What a fantastic way of thinking about social media!

Because socially media is so widely used and, especially for my generation and those younger than us, has been used since such a young age, I think that people sometimes look past the obvious- with everything we post (photos, updates, and more), we are branding and marketing something ourselves. So few people really think about what they are posting to the internet unless it is something they definitely know that they don’t want on there!

One of the best and most obvious examples of this that I see all of the time is young professionals using their Facebook pictures on LinkedIn. Now, this might be the photographer in me talking, however, if you are a young professional seeking some sort of position or even just using LinkedIn to expand your network, do you really think that your  facebook picture (no matter how good you look in it) is the best way to show that you care about your “personal brand?” I think the same goes for anything that you put up anywhere on the internet, whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, dating sites, ANYWHERE!

This is exactly why I absolutely loved doing this shoot! Reg’s perspective of highlighting who she is in a professional manner for her online presence was so impressive to me… It got me thinking a lot about what my role is as a photographer. Hopefully this will also make you think what you roll is as an active participant of the online world, whether it be professional, social, or even romantic!

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