May 2, 2012

My dad’s furniture store, Houseworks, is getting ready for a giant face lift! Houseworks, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, is filled with colorful and dynamic furnishing and home accessories. It is a modern furniture store, however, it embodies much more than the average conception of “modern.” Their “mantra” is best depicted through a quote from Metropolitan Home- which also happens to grace the entrance of the store.

“What’s really modern now is an amalgam of what makes us comfortable and joyous, what inspires and what soothes. Modern is pared-down but not brutally minimalist, complex in concept and evolution but simple in expression. It’s thought-provoking yet ultimately a very personal solution for living in today’s world.”

Before they totally revamp, we decided that we needed to capture the store as it is now- in a whopping 20 minute late night shoot!

Go check out Houseworks, new and old! There is something in there for everyone.  🙂

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