Bloomington Bucket List #1: Farmer’s Market

May 2, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I would take on three of my Bloomington Bucket List items! I started the day off with my good friend Mary at the Farmer’s Market. You might remember Mary and her family from the family portrait that I took of them around Christmas time.

In case you missed my Bloomington Bucket List post, I decided that I needed to make a list of things to do and see in Bloomington, Indiana before I move in the summer.  My #1 was to “go to the farmers market and make a big, delicious dinner using only ingredients bought there.”

When we arrived at the farmers market, I couldn’t believe how packed it was…although, it was the first outdoor market of the year…and a beautiful day… Needless to say, I had to improvise a bit because, by the time we got to there, it had already been pretty picked over. Since I went with the mission of making a meal, I finished it; however, I think I might retry this one later in the summer.

So, what did I get you ask!? While I was there, I picked up some focaccia bread, spinach, Sunset Acres natural horseradish cheese, eggs, and sweet potatoes.

First, I cleaned and sliced the sweet potatoes to make some fries and hash browns out of them.

For the fries, I simply placed them in a pan with a bit of olive oil and sprinkled nature seasoning over them. These cooked for about 30 minutes on 400 degrees.

For the hash, I diced the sweet potato a bit, poured a bit of olive oil and nature seasoning over them, and fried them. Once they were almost finished, I threw a bit of brown sugar in with them…They were incredibly sticky but delicious!

After starting the sweet potatoes, I moved on to the spinach. I decided that I would saute the spinach to put in the eggs that I purchased. For this, I threw a bit of olive oil in a pan, added just a bit of garlic and cooked the spinach on low.

Once the spinach was cooked, I scrambled the eggs and threw them in the pan along with the spinach and the horseradish cheese.

This was definitely not the fancy organic dinner that I had in mind when I went into it, however, it was a delicious and easy meal!


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