Bloomington Bucket List

April 3, 2012

The time for me to move away from Bloomington, Indiana is inching closer by the day. For the past…almost 5 years, Bloomington has been such a warm and giving place to me. Growing up in Indianapolis, I felt a bit disconnected from my “communities” that were formed through school and extracurricular activities. I was always so far from everyone and everything in my “community.” Before I came to Bloomington, however, I never really knew what it was that bothered me about the place I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Indy is a great place! Especially in the last few years, Indy is really stepping it up! When I got to Bloomington, however, I felt like, truly, for the first time, I was an integral part in my community as well as the small “communities” I formed within it.

When deciding where to go to school, I was very hesitant to stay in Indiana. After applying to and visiting 11 colleges, however, it just did not make sense for me to go anywhere else. As much as I hated to admit it at the time, Indiana University and Bloomington had everything and more to offer…and, even better, was WAY less expensive! Looking back, I don’t think that I could have picked a better place to be. The communities of people that I quickly became a part of pushed me to become a part of the city of Bloomington rather than just an IU student. This is something that I feel very fortunate for as I have seen so many other students avoid anything other than what the university has to offer.

Now that I am getting time to reflect on my time in Bloomington and feel it drawing to an end, I am realizing more and more that I still have neglected a lot of really fantastic things that Bloomington has to offer. As many of my friends and loved ones would tell you, I was a bit of a nut in college…I wanted to participate in everything I possibly could! I am still so grateful that I did that, however, it didn’t always leave too much time for afternoon adventures. Bloomington is filled with amazing things to do! Because of this, I decided that I needed to make a bucket list of things I have yet to do…and will do….before I leave Bloomington!

As I make my way through this list, I plan on documenting it, photographically, of course! Bloomington and the people in it have meant so much to me.   I feel as though I need to end my time here with something really meaningful. I want to leave feeling as if I have truly given Bloomington my all. I hope everyone lives someplace that they feel that way about at least once in their life!

In no particular order….let the Bloomington adventures begin!

1. Go to the farmers market and make a big, delicious dinner using only ingredients bought there

2. Visit the quarries

3. Date night and wine tasting at Oliver Winery

4. Watch the Little 500

5. See a Roller Derby

6. Visit the Kinsey Institute

7. Visit the Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection

8. See a movie at the IU Cinema

9. Go see an IU summer concert

10. Go to Lotus Festival

11. Visit the Mathers Museum

12. Go to the Taste of Bloomington

13. Visit Wonderlab

14. Visit the Monroe County Historic Center

15. Go see the Wylie House

16. Visit Dillman Farm

17. Rent a boat with buds and spend a day on Lake Monroe

18. Go to the Monroe County Fair

19. Ride the B-Line Trail

20. Visit the Bluespring Caverns Park

21. Go camping with buds

22. Go the to Bloomington Hand Made Market

23. Rock and Roll Prom!

24. Go to Bloomington Craft Beer Fest

25. Day of shopping at local vintage and antique stores

Any suggestions or participants more than welcome! 🙂

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  1. Danette Kammeyer says:

    My dear Gaby girl,
    Tears stream down my face as I read of you leaving Indiana. For although, I love the adventure you and Kyle are planning to take, am in full support and filled with excitement, my son is leaving too. My baby boy will not be within driving distance. I won’t be able to wrap my arms around him. So – count me in as a participant as you explore and document your bucket list through Bloomington. I would love to visit each and every place, taste the food, see the sights, hear the sounds and enjoy the love you have found, not only with each other- but with Bloomington!
    Let the adventure begin!
    Love you,

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