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My Funny Valentine

February 21, 2012

This valentine’s day was really wonderful and relaxing! Between a delicious Swedish pancake breakfast, baking, crafting, napping AND massages, it couldn’t have been a lovelier day!

By the way, if you live in Bloomington or just drop by for a visit and want a good massage, head to Massage on the Square…It is by far the best massage that I have gotten in Indiana!

Recently, I have been getting back in touch with my domestic side (by domestic I mean crafting and cooking delicious food!). I started my morning by waking up early to make Kyle’s favorite banana cream pie, straight from his grandmother’s recipe! This pie happens to be the only dessert he claims to like- blasphemous, I know! This was my first attempt at making anything with cream…and actually, being a cake kind of girl, my first attempt at a pie. I had a blast making it and, although it probably wasn’t the best looking pie, it was very tasty! I even got the “mmmmm!” of approval that I was hoping for.

Another surprise I worked on during the week was a hand embroidered t-shirt… After three and a half years of  resisting enforcing Kyle’s love…no, obsession!… with Star Trek (and anything else nerdy for that matter), I finally caved and made him a Star Trek shirt- with a little Valentine’s Day flare of course!

I will say that, even with working night shifts and sleeping all day, he did pull out some charm with his Valentine’s surprise 🙂

Hope you all had wonderful and relaxing Valentine’s Days! <3

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