The 20-Somethings- BFA Collaboration Project

February 11, 2012

A few semesters ago, the BFA Photography program at Indiana University, from which I just recently graduated, came together to create a collaborative show. We set out to not only make a conceptually cohesive and a tight body of work, but in the mean time, work together to learn how to manipulate lighting situations as well as plan events around our work. Each Individual was in charge of conceptualizing an image, finding a shoot location, as well as directing our peers in photography, lighting, makeup, and modeling.

Before we took on this collaborative work, we spent time separately and together brainstorming ideas for meaningful bodies of work that all of us could bring something to and relate to. After much deliberation, we landed on the changing image and expectations for us as young adults approaching graduating. This concept was inspired by an essay that appeared in The New York Times in August 2010. Some images included moving back home after graduation, remaining on parents insurance plans longer, being overeducated and still having to work minimum wage, unskilled jobs, as well as the surge of disconnect from reality that our generation is facing (which happened to be my topic).

In my image, I wanted to portray how my generation is losing touch with the first hand experience. Whether we are distracted during the reality of our lives by technology or we have spoiled our first hand experience by using technology to previously gain an experience, I do feel that we are somehow missing out on the detail, excitement, and spontaneity of reality.

My Friends from the local Bloomington, IN band , Rodeo Ruby Love, were nice enough to lend us a hand in this production!

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    kurt is wailing!!!

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