A Look Back- Guatemala 2010

February 10, 2012

As I was going through some old image files, I stumbled across these photos that I took a couple of years ago in Guatemala while working with Timmy Global Health. Working to promote Timmy Global Health’s initiatives has been one of my top priorities and learning experiences since I was nine years old. In 1995, I was blessed with the best physical therapist, friend, and role model that I could have ever asked for, Dr. Chuck Dietzen, the founder of Timmy Global Health. While working on my physical issues with Chuck, he would tell me stories of his patients locally and internationally. He would even take me to meet and work with some of them, giving me an understanding at an extremely young age of what it means to give and how it pertains to building a community. In 1997, Chuck started Timmy Global Health, formerly the Timmy Foundation, and requested that I sit in on board meetings as a child. Since then, I have had the privilege of watching it grow to a national organization while still promoting the same ideal of sustainability through community building.

At such a young age, I was only able to do things in America for Timmy’s cause and was solely driven to do this by the passion that I saw in Dr. Chuck for these initiatives. It was this passion and enthusiasm that inspired me to do all that I could to help Timmy’s initiative, which, until high school, meant fundraising and advocating. Finally, in the summer of my Sophomore and Junior years, I got to travel with Timmy to Quito, Ecuador. These trips expanded and fueled my passion for what Timmy does immensely.

Because these experiences gave me a further understanding of what I was advocating and fundraising for, I was able to take my involvement to a new level as a college student by becoming Indiana University’s Timmy chapter Fundraising Chair and President, as well as take the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic and Guatemala with them. Still, in everything that I do in life, I attempt to apply Timmy’s work ethic of working with the community.

I had to throw this in too…While I was in Guatemala, I went to purchase some postcards and when I got back to our hotel, I found that they had thrown this AWESOME card in there! According to this postcard, we have a year left before the aliens attack and volcanoes spew massive amounts of fire and lava! Is this realllllly what the Mayans believe…. Better make it a good year!

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  1. jameswakeling says:

    This post really took my breath away. Such beautiful portraits, powerful and evocative, you captured so much more than their faces.

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