New York: Week 5

August 12, 2011

Week 5 was a quite different week for me here. Monday, I went through the usual work day of working in the digital lab before heading to Mark Morosse’s lighting course to TA. This week, however, one of my supervisors, Bradly, gave me some more work to do after noticing my disappointment in the lack of work I had before. I really appreciated the opportunity to participate more and it was great because my job allowed me to learn more about using the copy stand as well as Adobe Lightroom!

The next day was another one of Rodeo Ruby Love’s shows that was nearby so Molly and I, after working a short work day, made the trek out to the Bronx to get Tony’s car again. This show was at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, which was surprisingly close but also extremely packed with traffic. This venue was a lot nicer than the one we had gone to in Poughkipsie which was nice because we could all hang out in their greenroom…which was actually very blue! 🙂

While the boys were playing, I was able to go up into the pit to photograph, which allowed me to finally get some better stage photographs of them… but I soon found out that it was also the danger zone. Not long after Rodeo started playing, kids started crowd surfing, towards me…one of which knocking me into the stage. Needless to say, I was a bit banged up after that show but it was really great to see  kids put a lot of energy into the opening acts of a show too!

All the bands played a really great show and the audience this time was way into the whole thing which was really awesome to see!

Rodeo Ruby Love

Reel Big Fish

New Riot

The next day, we went to work as usual- although a bit more bruised and sleepy! I finished up my project for Bradly and then headed home for some much needed rest and a bit of job searching. I have been looking high and low for jobs in Bloomington for when I get back from New York. Let me tell you, it is no easy feat!

The next day after working in the equipment cage for a while, our friend Leigh took us over to the Met again to try to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit. This time, the line was 3 hours long so we just decided to check out some photographs before heading home to meet up with Tony.

Once we arrived in the Bronx with Tony’s car, Molly, Tony and I sipped a bottle of wine and talked about our recent escapades. During the past school year, Tony traveled to Haiti with his program so it was really wonderful getting a bit more time to catch up with him about his experiences there. Tony has always been someone who amazes me in his ability to perceive, analyze, and contribute to everything around him. I’ve always felt this way, but especially after our discussion- I am so excited to see what Tony does in his future. There are big things coming from this guy!

So, after some wine and wonderful conversation, the three of us headed to the “real” Little Italy in the Bronx for dinner. I do have to say that I had some of the best pasta and marinara that I have ever tried!

After dinner, Tony drove Molly and I back to Douglaston and the three of us hopped on the train to Bayside, a city one stop away, to check it out. Earlier in our trip, we were told that Bayside was the “happening” place for young Long Islanders….I beg to differ… haha… but it was still neat to check out!

That night, Tony decided to crash on our couch so that we could grab breakfast the next morning before we both headed our separate ways! In the morning, we drove around for a bit and couldn’t find any place to eat breakfast so we had to settle with Duncan Doughnuts before I took off for the city and he for the Bronx.

When I got to the city, I headed to get my hair cut for this “super great deal” I found. I knew this before, but somehow I got suckered in to buying a hair package deal for “a really great price.” Overall it wasn’t that bad and I walked away with a pretty decent hair cut but I will say that I will never buy any package deals again!

After losing a bit more money on a hair cut than I had intended (in New York, go figure), I headed towards ICP to set up for a shoot I had booked that day. A few weeks ago, as Molly and I were getting on a train, I spotted a mom and her son-who might be one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. I immediately went up to her and gave her my card in hopes that she would let me photograph him, and sure enough, she got back to me the next day!

When they got to ICP, poor little Jackson was passed out in his stroller from the long journey into the city… really cute but also very difficult to get him excited about taking photos. Needless to say, the shoot was cut a bit shorter than I had expected but we still got some good shots and a plan to shoot again for next week!

The next morning, I had to get up very early to head to the airport! I flew home for the weekend to photograph/attend my cousin Colby’s wedding. He and his bride, Hilke, actually got “officially” married a month ago so that Hilke wouldn’t have to leave for Germany again but this weekend was their more traditional, American version.

When I finally arrived, after a very long and tedious travel, I was told the wedding had been moved inside because of the weather. I had to move fast to try to set up everything before the night started so it was quite a tense, fast paced night… but totally worth it. The wedding was really beautiful and getting to not only see, but document, my cousin’s wedding was really special. Colby and I grew up together and he is as close as I will ever get to a brother. With age, we have gotten distracted from getting to catch up as much as we used to, but the dingus will always hold a special place in my heart! 🙂 It was also really wonderful seeing him marry Hilke, who such a beautiful and kind woman. I know they will be wonderful together!

More photos from the wedding will come soon!

After a long week/weekend I got back on a plane and headed back to New York…and slept the rest of the day!

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