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Remember THIS cutie when she was just a few days old? Little Ellie is getting so big and SO cute! I always love seeing these three. Watching their little family grow together is such a beautiful thing. They are the sweetest!

Jon, Faith, & Ellie . Indianapolis Family Portrait

November 15, 2014

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How sweet are these two? They were total naturals together with such an exciting future ahead of them! I can’t wait to watch their family grow! ūüôā

Gretchen & Henry . Indianapolis Maternity Portrait at Holliday Park

September 24, 2014

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Baby Lucy is already a year old! Time flies! It seems like just last week that we took her 6 month portraits. This babe truly is as sweet and smiley as she seems. She is just the best! <3

Lucy . Indianapolis One Year Portraits at Holliday Park & Flying Cupcake

August 30, 2014

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I absolutely love these three! It has been so wonderful to capture their life together as it grows….can you believe that its already¬†been a year since Gattlin¬†came into the world?! He has such a big personality already and some of the best faces ever! Joey and Brittaney, he is such a doll! <3

The Millers . Indianapolis Family Portrait at Holliday Park

August 27, 2014

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Chris and Kelsey are engaged! These two are the biggest sweeties which made our shoot an absolute blast! I still have their giggles in my head. I first met Kelsey in one of my photo classes at IU and, since then, she has impressed me with her unending kindness and care as well as her […]

Chris & Kelsey . Indianapolis Engagement Portraits

October 30, 2013

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I had an awesome time photographing Emily’s portraits at Holiday Park. This beauty was such a sweetheart and I had a blast talking with her about our common middle school alma mater! I absolutely love to hear people’s unique experiences of what we share in common. Emily, you are a great gal and I know […]

Emily . Indianapolis Senior Portrait at Holliday Park

October 16, 2013